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Are you ready to shed body fat and tighten and tone your body?

Do you have a bunch of ‘skinny clothes’ that you haven’t been able to wear for months, or even years that you’d love to fit back into?

Or perhaps you want to reclaim your pre-baby / pre-career body? You know…  The one you had before life got so hectically busy!!

If you miss bouncing out of bed feeling awake, vibrant and full of energy and you’re off target with your health and fitness goals this could be the most important page you’ll ever read!

I’ve helped hundreds of Brisbane women, just like you transform their bodies in as little as 12 weeks. My Boot Camp Program works!

So here’s the deal…

If you want to change the way you look and feel once and for all, I can show you how.

In my Boot Camp Transformation Pack you will

  • ✓Get access to ALL of my highly effective and fun 60 minute outdoor fitness boot camp workouts in Brisbane which will turn your body into a fat burning machine. Become part of a fun, supportive group of like minded women who are just like you! You are guaranteed to make a bunch of new supportive friends
  • ✓Receive my Fat Burning Nutrition Plan, this easy to follow nutrition plan will help guide you with what to eat and how much… this alone will shed the unwanted fat from your body.Get friendly, expert guidance in a supportive, structured, motivational and accountable program

This Is For Women who:

  • ✓Are fed up with where they are at and are committed to making a
  • ✓Want to gain a tremendous amount of self-esteem and self-confidence through the power of exercise.
  • ✓Who need accountability, support and motivation (most people do)
  • ✓Want to lose weight whether it be 2 kilos or 50 kilos, are 25 or 75 years young
  • ✓Are body-conscious women and want to workout in a non judgmental environment where they’ll be
  • ✓Are time poor women and want to get in and get it done first thing in the morning

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Body Transformation
For Best Results
  • Unlimited sessions each week
  • Diet plan and advice
  • Measurements and fitness testing (once every 12 weeks)
  • Goal setting
  • No contract – Stay as long as you want
  • $39.90 /wk
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Fitness Kick Start
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  • Two sessions each week
  • Diet plan and advice
  • Measurements and fitness testing (once every 12 weeks)
  • Goal setting
  • No contract – Stay as long as you want
  • $30 /wk
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Success Stories

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    Cathleen, Everton Park

    Over the past 18 months I have lost over 20 kilos training with Jess and her trainers. I have completely changed the way I eat and exercise is now a huge part of my life. The training sessions are always different and fun. The social aspect of the group has kept me motivated.

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    Steph, Grange

    I have been a member of Jessica's Boot Camp for just over a year now. I have completed two 12 week challenges. The first challenge I won losing a massive 10.9 kilos in 12 weeks - these photos are from that challenge. The second 12 week challenge I lost a further 6.8 kilos. Boot camp has changed my life! It has changed the way I look at food and I have found something I really enjoy. I would highly recommend training with Jess and her team!

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    Lauren, Spring Hill

    I have been part of Jessica's Boot camp for a couple of years. The sessions are always fun and challenging. The group is supportive and I have made some life long friends.

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    Jessica Peake

    Owner, Lead Trainer

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    Grace Dalgety


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