Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Inspire Wellness "Four Weeks To Freedom" Boot Camp for Women:

What Exactly Is The Brisbane Boot Camp For Women?

Our Boot Camp is a four-week program held outdoors (if there’s inclement weather, we make some adjustments) that provides instruction on fitness and nutrition, with generous heapings of motivation and fun! We are certified fitness professional with bachelor degree and 8 years of experience helping hundreds of Brisbane-Area residents. Boot Camp consists of calisthenics, light running and body weight exercises. Small dumbbells are also used. The goal is to get you moving, elevate your heart rate and build lean muscle so your body burns twice as much fat. NOTE: Ladies, do not worry – you will not get “bulky”. Muscle is more compact and smaller than fat. Also, it’s much more shapely. Replacing fat with muscle will make you smaller, tighter and firmer… your dress size will go down, not up!

Each day, camp will be one hour in length starting either early in the morning or in the evening.

What If I'm Not In Very Good Shape?

We use “progressive programming” at the Inspire Wellness Boot Camp for Women. That means each person is assessed to determine their personal level of fitness. If you’re not in very good shape, we’ll start you slow (there will be others in the same boat, so you won’t be left behind), but work you up to speed more quickly than you can probably imagine right now. The amazing thing about the human body is how it adapts quickly to proper stimulus. We will SAFELY challenge you – never more so than you can handle. With years of experience working with women of all ages and fitness levels, we have this progressive programming down to a science.

Just know that you are welcome at the Brisbane Boot Camp For Women regardless of your level of fitness, and you will not feel out of place, even if you think of yourself now as being totally out of shape. You are not alone. Help is here, both from us (your instructors) and the friendly, caring support you will receive from the other women. We work as a team, inspiring and being inspired, and everybody wins!

Where Is The Location We Will Meet?

Please see our Calendar page for location information.

What Types Of Exercises And Activities Are Included In The Program?

First let me say that everything we do at Boot Camp is FUN. You will never be doing long, boring cardiovascular exercise or painful, hard, heavy lifting. Those days are gone.

The exercises we do include an emphasis on developing the “core” muscles of your body. This is called “functional fitness”. Your stomach down to your knees is your “core”. And for most people, that’s where all the problems are. Now, keep in mind that when you work your core directly, every other part of your body gets indirect work. So if you have that jiggly skin on the backs of your arms, or you want your shoulders to look great for that strapless gown, or you need to slim down your ankles… all of those body parts will benefit tremendously from the exercises we do at the Brisbane Boot Camp for Women.

There will also be some short distance running from time to time of less than a mile, body weight exercises to increase your strength, circuit training, hiking, some Pilates movements, running obstacle courses and much more.

The bottom line is that you can do it all, and with our “progressive programming” – you can start at a pace that’s comfortable for you, and increase your intensity under our supervision and instruction, safely and measurably, quicker than you can imagine. That’s how you get results!

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