Here’s my PROOF

Here's my PROOF you'll get life-enhancing results from my Boot Camp Program... and why I'm convinced ANYONE can achieve the same results with my help


Cathleen, Everton Park

Over the past 18 months I have lost over 20 kilos training with Jess and her trainers. I have completely changed the way I eat and exercise is now a huge part of my life. The training sessions are always different and fun. The social aspect of the group has kept me motivated.


Steph, Grange

I have been a member of Jessica's Boot Camp for just over a year now. I have completed two 12 week challenges. The first challenge I won losing a massive 10.9 kilos in 12 weeks - these photos are from that challenge. The second 12 week challenge I lost a further 6.8 kilos. Boot camp has changed my life! It has changed the way I look at food and I have found something I really enjoy. I would highly recommend training with Jess and her team!


Lauren, Spring Hill

I have been part of Jessica's Boot camp for a couple of years. The sessions are always fun and challenging. The group is supportive and I have made some life long friends.

Michelle Hildebrand (Lost 10 Kgs)
Leah Herse ( Lost 12 Kgs)
Emma Hardings ( Lost 13 Kgs)
Kirsten Hagarty ( Lost 10 Kgs)

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